High-quality training and further education in theory and practice

We hold our seminars in our new, friendly, brightly furnished and air-conditioned training rooms. State-of-the-art conference technology, such as the interactive whiteboard, facilitates the transmission of the learning content.

In small seminar groups of max. 18 participants (depending on the area), the learning objectives are excellently conveyed. This means that there is always the possibility of responding to each participant individually and answering questions in the best possible way.

To ensure that participants not only receive theoretical training, but also have the opportunity to practice, we provide an extensive selection of demonstration and practice objects in the areas of portable and mobile fire extinguishers as well as extinguishing water technology.

Portable and mobile fire extinguishers

For practical training, we have an extensive selection of different fire extinguishers from our own company as well as from other manufacturers. Of course, this also includes various mobile extinguishers.

Extinguishing water technology

For the subject area of extinguishing water technology, the following demonstration objects are available to the seminar participants:

three fully functional wall hydrants (type S, type F, with flat hose)

Feeding device and withdrawal device according to DIN 14461-2 (fully functional)

For the water supply, a pressure boosting system with storage tank

An underground hydrant as well as a surface hydrant as a cutaway model are also available.

Technical equipment

For practical instruction in all seminar areas, we provide an extensive range of different tools, machines and equipment. From simple hand tools to various testing devices in the field of extinguishing water technology, different possibilities are shown to carry out the testing tasks according to specifications.

After the seminar

Even after completion of the course, participants will continue to receive support from us. Via a customer information portal, we provide current technical documents and inform about corresponding changes in the legal and normative area.